Precedent H Cost Budgets

PRH Cost Management

Our related company PRH Cost Management Limited exclusively provides preparation of detailed costs budgets and advice in relation to cost budgets. We ensure you comply with current “Precedent H” requirements and meet strict Court deadlines.

You will be aware that a key part of the Jackson Reforms is that the court now has new costs management powers to enable the Court to manage the steps taken in the litigation and the costs to be incurred. Effectively the Courts now wish to ensure costs are reasonable and proportionate before the work is done. There is now a requirement for a party to file a costs budget in the form of a ”Precedent H" on multi track matters.

Any party who fails to file a budget when required to do so will be treated as having filed a budget comprising only of the applicable court fees. It is also the case that when assessing a formal bill of costs upon conclusion of a matter the Court will not depart from an approved budget without good reason. Therefore you are no longer able to leave the issue of costs until the end of the claim. The costs of preparing a budget are recoverable from the other side upon successful conclusion of the claim.

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PRH Cost Management provides a fast turnaround of files in order to meet the strict Court deadlines.


  • Completion of detailed costs budgets.
  • Fast turn around. We are aware of the importance of the same given the consequences of not filing a costs budget on time.
  • We provide a letter of explanation and advice with the costs budget.
  • Guidance provided on how to use the costs budget tactically.
  • Advice provided on the costs budget submitted by the opposing party.
  • Guidance throughout on all aspects of the costs management process.
  • Our charges for preparing a budget are limited to a figure which is recoverable from the opposing party if the claim is successful in line with Practice Direction 3E supplementing CPR Part 3 Section II.




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