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Formed in 2005, Alpha Cost Consultants has built a high quality relationship with our clients by providing a comprehensive, professional and expert law cost drafting service.

We have an excellent turnaround to ensure speedy recovery of costs in order to ease cash flow problems and maximise profitability.

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alpha law cost draftsman


We provide a fast, comprehensive, professional and expert law cost drafting service. We ensure completion of our service within the agreed timescales and allow you to recover your costs quickly and ease cash flow.


Precedent H Cost Budgets

PRH Cost Management Services

We ensure you comply with current “Precedent H” requirements and provide a fast turnaround of files in order to meet strict court deadlines and maximise your cost recovery procedure.

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We are transparent in regards to our charges.


We will ensure timescales are met and we are always pro-active when urgent matters have to meet strict deadlines.

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We have a highly technical team who are always available to provide free advice.

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The Jackson Reforms

The Legal Costs Landscape

The Jackson Reforms implemented in April 2013 have provided a significant challenge to the legal profession. These reforms were put in place specifically to control and reduce the costs of litigation.

The reforms which have been implemented impact on the way claims are funded and new regulations are in place in relation to Conditional Fee Agreements and Damages Based Agreements. Further reforms have affected the amount of costs recoverable between a Solicitor and client and also between the parties in litigation.

The Judiciary are currently adopting a tough stance in relation to compliance with the Jackson Reforms. Strict sanctions can be imposed in cases where there is any default in relation to the provisions of any rule or practice direction.

We anticipate significant satellite litigation will arise from the Jackson Reforms. It is therefore essential for any organisation involved in litigation to obtain comprehensive and expert advice in the area of legal costs.